Happy Birthday Barbican Waterfront Media Team and New Member Jason Kiely

Plymouth Barbican WaterfrontIn mid February our website for the Plymouth Barbican Waterfront reached the 3 year mark!

Happy Birthday to the website and the volunteers who make up the joint Barbican & Hoe Waterfront Volunteer Media team! :)

Our team is made up of a band of enthusiastic and passionate volunteers who help the local Plymouth Barbican & Hoe communities. We have a range of skills from social media reporting, photography, writing and graphic design which we use during our volunteering roles to help support the local community, businesses and events.

Not only do we enjoy showcasing the Plymouth Barbican on the www.barbicanwaterfront.com website / Plymouth Hoe on www.plymouthhoewaterfront.com and linked social media,  we enjoy meeting the people in the community, the locals and traders on a regular basis :)

Read more about the 3rd year of the Barbican Waterfront team…

New Volunteer Team member joins our Barbican & Hoe Waterfront Media Team

Jason KielyJason Kiely has now joined the Barbican & Hoe Waterfront Volunteer Media Team.

Jason is a keen photographer, kayaker and has access to produce aerial film and photography. You may have seen his work regularly appearing via our Plymouth Barbican & Hoe Facebook and Twitter feeds :).

Jason has been regularly sharing photos and videos from around the waterfront over the past few months and I even helped link Jason up with the BBC News during his storm coverage resulting in his appearance on tv! (more here…)

Jason is a nice guy, polite and will fit in well with the team. He brings additional photography & website skills and addition of IT/repair to the team :).

With Jason our team now have land, sea (kayaks, rib boats, tall ship) and air covered for 2014!

Stormy weather hits the Plymouth Hoe in the run up to Christmas 2013

Plymouth Hoe Storms 2013 - photo Hannah Gow huge wavesA huge storm roared into Plymouth on Monday 23rd December 2013.

I was in the area at the time so I attempted a walk up to the Plymouth Hoe Parade, but quickly turned back after only making it as far as the War Memorials. At one point I had to duck behind one of the statues due to the frequent 70mph+ gusts.

Our social media reporter Hannah Gow took a series of shots, uploading them to twitter. They featured in the local Plymouth Herald news paper and also on the BBC News website here :).

You can see a few photos taken by Hannah and Jason Kiely who was around at the time. Also a short video I took of the wind / rain can below:

Plymouth Hoe Storms 2013 - photo Hannah Gow

Plymouth Hoe Storms 2013 - photo Hannah Gow shoreline

Plymouth Hoe Storms 2013 - photo jason kiely