Barbican & Hoe Waterfront Media Team: Emily Clark’s Departure

Emily Clark Band Music Coverage 2014Emily Clark one of our volunteer members specialising in graphic design and photography recently completed her course at the College of Art and Design and has been awarded a BA with honours in Graphic Design. Congratulations Emily! :).

Emily first joined our team back in July 2013 and has enjoyed many adventures covering various events across Plymouth.

During her time with the team Emily earned herself the title “tough cookie” after always battling to grab photos to help show off events to their fullest. She even fought off bouts of sea sickness during the British Firework Championships in 2013 although vows never to go out on rough seas again :).

Emily Clark had this to say about her experience working with the Barbican & Hoe Waterfront Media Team: “It has been an incredible experience to work with so many passionate and dedicated people within the team for just over a year, ranging from photographers to writers the team supports and promotes local businesses and events around the city using there own time to do so.

The owner Scott is a great friend and joy to work for, providing every team member with a large range of different job opportunities to gain new skills and promote themselves and the team at the same time. I already miss not working for the team; I have gained some friends for life and will miss the enjoyable team banter.”

Emily upon completion of her course has moved back to her home town of Oxford, although she is keeping an eye on graphic design jobs here in Plymouth for a possible return :).

We wish Emily well in the future and look forward to her return trips back to Plymouth where she has found her second home :).

Emily Clark Website: and you can find out more about the volunteer team here: Barbican & Hoe Waterfront Media Team.

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