Plymouth Hoe – After the storms of Feb 14th 2014

A 3rd storm hit the Plymouth Waterfront and this time with near hurricane force winds. Rather than show another stream of wave videos as we’ve done for the 8th Feb and 5th Feb I’ll show you how the waterfront looked on February 15th the day after…

The waterfront has suffer minor damage in areas with a few repairs needed, BUT the vast majority is intact and almost all the businesses are open as usual with 1-2 businesses needing repairs before they reopen.

A thank you to all who shared photos and videos this week, especially Jason Kiely (Twitter: @Plymouth_pc).

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Scott Grenney

Scott Grenney has been creating websites for a number of years with the aim of helping local businesses. After creating the popular community website the Plymouth Barbican Waterfront Scott has expanded the waterfront theme to include the Plymouth Hoe on this website. The aim is to bring news & information about the general area, highlight key events and showcase everything the historic Plymouth Hoe has to offer to help increase use of the Plymouth Hoe by locals and tourists alike.