Plymouth Festival of Sail 2013 – A look back…

This years Plymouth Festival of Sail 2013 packed together a number of top events including Armed Forces Day, Route Des Princes race, P1 Powerboat and Jet Skis, Market Traders and more… On the 29th June 2013 myself (scott) and members of the Plymouth Hoe Waterfront Website Media team descended down to the Plymouth Hoe Waterfront to capture the festival.

Wendy writes of her Armed Forces Day experience…

armedforcesday2013Well, the weather for this years Armed Forces Day couldn’t have been better! The sun was beaming down as I made my way to the Hoe with my family to catch the afternoon’s events. We hadn’t been able to make it in the morning, however we needn’t have worried about missing out; there was a packed programme all day long, so there was still lots for us to see and do. Making our way onto the Hoe, we were surprised by how many things were going on!

The place was heaving, with everyone in a real party mood. There were so many stands and tents to have a look at; we didn’t know where to start! However, my youngest made the decision for us all when he spotted the Oshkosh truck parked up with a stream of young visitors waiting to grab their chance of sitting in the driving seat.  Towering above us, this six wheel drive monster was attracting lots of attention from both young and old. Well, it’s not every day you get the chance to have your picture taken in one of those beasts!!

Photo opportunity number one of the day was swiftly followed by number two – a tableful of guns grabbed the attention of my thirteen year old. Having considered himself way too old and cool to be having his pic taken in the Oshkosh, he had a change of heart about being snapped when presented with the opportunity of handling an AK47!! We even got a smile for the camera, now that can’t be bad …

The sun was blasting down on us and after a while I felt the need for some liquid refreshment – drink in hand, we sat on the grass by the stage and enjoyed the music of Company B, an amazing group specialising in jump jive. They had us all tapping our feet and feeling that summer vibe, with a few brave souls at the front getting right into the spirit and dancing away!  Their rendition of “Minnie the Moocher” had the audience singing along. Cue embarrassing mum moment – I don’t care, I had to join in with the “hi de hi de hi de hi” even if it had my boys covering their ears!!

The boys still had plenty of energy to burn off, so we set off for more adventures. Christian was thrilled to find an inflatable life raft to explore; in fact it was hard to drag him out of it! It was only when he saw large numbers of children walking past with very lifelike “injuries” that he decided to venture out of the raft and have a very realistic gash inflicted on his arm, complete with lots of fake blood to complete the look! He proudly showed off his “war wounds” to anybody who was passing!

Our afternoon of fun was brought to a perfect end with the announcement of the last aerial display of the day. We treated ourselves to ice-creams and watched the planes with delight as they looped the loop and flew at each other. I know they aren’t as close to each other as it looks, and they are well trained, but it still had us gasping in case they did actually meet head on!!

I can’t wait for next year’s event; it was the perfect family day out, in the perfect location. Hope to see you there!

Photos from the Plymouth Festival of Sail 2013

Video of Armed Forces Parade

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